As a Community Farm and a charity we welcome members of the public to come and walk around and enjoy the unique atmosphere that we have here. During the summer months the farm is literally buzzing with the number of visitors that we have and we seem to get some lovely comments on our facebook page, so I guess we are doing something right!

We also welcome organised school groups onto the farm. We no longer offer a guided tour, but groups of up to 15 pupils with teachers and support staff are welcome to come and look around, and we will always try to answer your questions. All that we ask is that if you are a school group you ring in advance as we avoid multiple school visits at the same time because of space constraints.

We have a small shop on site where we sell our own produce. We have eggs from our own free range and barn hens, we have sausages made locally using meat from our pigs, and we sell cuts of lamb and pork, again from our own animals. During the summer we usually have honey from our bees, and when it is ready we sell fruit from our own orchard. We can accept payments in cash and by card. All money received from the sale of our produce goes to support the work that we do here, so please consider supporting us in this way.

As long as we are open we are free to visit. Like most community based projects though we are always looknig for funds and welcome donations from the public and from small groups. If you have enjoyed your visit and would like to make a small donation to the charity, we can accept donations in our shop.

The farm is open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am till 3.30pm apart from on Bank Holidays when we are closed and for a two week period at Xmas we are closed. Please note that in winter, we start locking the animal houses at 3pm as it is starting to get cold and dark.