East Hull Community Farm

The farm within the city

Jessie the Jersey Cow

Jessie is our oldest resident. She is now retired and enjoying grazing in the field with her friend Dougie the donkey

Dougie the Donkey

Dougie joined the farm  in 2007 when he was 18 months old. He loves being fed carrots and is a real character on the farm.

The Pigs

The pigs are a mixed bunch of rascals. At the moment we have Saddlebacks and Large Whites

Meet our lovely animals

The Calves

New calves join the farm about every 3 months and the older ones move to their new larger home a few miles away

The Sheep

Our sheep are kept for breeding and give birth to the new lambs in the Spring. We also have a Ram (male sheep)

The Chickens

We have two hen houses which have about 200 hens in each. The hens give us lots of fresh eggs to sell in the farm shop

The Lovely Rabbits

At the moment we have about 50 rabbits. Everyone loves the rabbits. We have Lops, Rex, Lionhead, Dutch and many more

Cute Guinea Pigs

We have four lovely guinea pigs and they are so cute. We all love the noises they make when they know it is treat & feeding time

Ducks &Turkey

Would you believe we have a turkey called Tracey. The ducks below are now fully grown so they don’t bathe in a bowl anymore :-)