Farming Based Day Care

For over twenty five years, East Hull Community Farm has been a safe haven for adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues to come and benefit from the proven therapeutic benefits of being around and working hands on with a variety of farm animals in the setting of a traditional 1950’s style farm environment.

We are not a mechanised modern farm environment but would rather do things in the older, slower way by hand. By doing this we are able to work in small groups, with the benefit of the group dynamic bringing an extra level of therapeutic benefit to our clients. Additionally the hands on approach means that there is a good deal of fresh air and physical exercise opportunities for our clients.

Clients who come for a full day session will find that the day is split into three “periods” seperated by tea breaks/lunch break. Some clients are happy to spend all three sessions working outdoors on practical farming based activities, but many like to come into our training room and either take part in one of our craft activities (depending on what we are doing at the time) or simply to brush up on their computer skills. Somethimes they simply want to sit and talk, and this is a valid and helpful activity in its own right.

We do charge a day care rate for people attending the farm in this way. Funding is normally available to eligible people through their personal budgets and we are happy to work together with a persons social worker to help make this possible.

At the moment we offer full day and half day placements, up to a maximum of three days per week. Placements are available on Mondays to Fridays.